9/26 - Das Oktoberfestattentat

A research project by Christine Umpfenbach
Staging: Christine Umpfenbach

It was the most terrible terror attack in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. And only now, 40 years later, are the stories of those affected by the attack at the center of the focus. In "9/26" the many voices of the victims relate stories of the attack on September 26, 1980. Christine Umpfenbach examines the way we deal with memory and the perception of reality. The project concentrates primarily on the personal consequences that such attacks have – and how we as a society deal with the victims of right-wing violence.

In cooperation with the Otto-Falckenberg-SchoolPrice: 25 Euro
With— Marie Dziomber, Rasmus Friedrich, Stefan Merki, Edith Saldanha, Lilly-Marie Vogler
Direction— Christine Umpfenbach
Stage design— Evi Bauer
Costume— Pascale Martin
Music— Anton Kaun
Dramaturgy— Harald Wolff