Die Räuberinnen


When you act, Schiller wrote, you are truly free, and this freedom is what everyone craves. And for director Leonie Böhm, the theatre is an excellent place to go looking for it, a place where you can act and experiment – live, together with others. Leonie Böhm has chosen The Robbers to find this freedom, the work with which young Schiller tried his hand as a playwright for the first time. Schiller’s play tells the story of the brothers Franz and Karl Moor, who suffer from their father’s lack of acknowledgement. The character of the father stands for many things: the inner critic, the audience, the mirror of society, or old principles. In an attempt to emancipate themselves, the brothers lose themselves in the woods and in their thoughts. “It’s my business what I want to make of myself,” exclaims Franz. Why should we not live by our own fictions? Why put up barriers? How do we get back to acting?

Together with the ensemble, Leonie Böhm takes the material of the existing play in an attempt to catch the soul “in its most secret operations”. Real intimacy without compulsion, your own rules, no fear. Get out of your rut and into life. Very freely adapted from Schiller.

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With— Gro Swantje Kohlhof, Sophie Krauss, Eva Löbau, Julia Riedler
Live music— Friederike Ernst
Stage design— Zahava Rodrigo
Costume— Mascha Mihoa Bischoff
Video— Ikenna David Okegwo
Staging Assistant— Susanne Wagner
Lighting— Jürgen Tulzer
Music— Friederike Ernst
Dramaturgy— Helena Eckert