Liebe/ Eine argumentative Übung

by Sivan Ben Yishai
Director: Heike M. Goetze

"Love. An argumentative exercise" is a radical self-examination where the most intimate things will be dealt with in public, because social power structures are inscribed in the stories of our bodies. Olive Oyl is the narrator, the girlfriend of that splendid male specimen, the comic hero Popeye. After she's convinced for the time being she's on the path of a successful modern life of a woman, she gets into a mythical rage. Sivan Ben Yishai speaks in an unveiling, blatant, comical way about everywoman and everyman, about chauvinistic patterns and blind spots in the manner in which we love.

With english surtitles from the second performance on

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from 16 years

With— Johanna Eiworth, Leonard Mandl
Regie, Bühne und Kostüme— Heike M. Goetze
Komposition und Live-Musik— Fabian Kalker
Dramaturgy— Viola Hasselberg
Translated from English by — Maren Kames